7104 is a multi-family residence apartment building  centrally located  a short walk from the Whistler Village Core. The building is walking distance to all major amenities in town. 7104 makes sustainable living easy by building to an environmental and energy efficiency standard that is projected to be the building code in our province in 2032. The building has roof top solar, and will produce almost as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis.

7104 is within walking and biking distance of schools, Nesters(grocery store), the library, shops, public transportation, coffee shops, restaurants, jobs and Whistler’s Valley trail system. Everything you need to live without a car will be available. We will install 2 car charging stations for future electric cars. We are partnering with Modo Car sharing COOP to have 2 electric cars at available for the exclusive use of residents (http://modo.coop/ ). These features will make 7104 a truly sustainable residence where not owning a vehicle is a real viable option.

7104 will be a “Resident Housing” development available exclusively to Whistler Residents and Whistler Employee’s who qualify for Whistler Housing Authority housing. For more information on qualifying for a unit please visit their website.

This project is currently in the rezoning phase. You can follow our progress on this rezoning through the R.M.O.W.’s municipal website Here. You can download our full rezoning package that was submitted to the R.M.O.W. Here. If you would like to support our project please email corporate@whistler.ca, and address the email “To Mayor and Council”, reference rezoning application “RZ001146″ and include your local mailing address to verify your emails eligibility to be considered in the rezoning application.


Floor Plans

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Rezoning Application Package (Right Click – Save Link As) – 10mb file.

7104 Green Building Initiatives