7104 Green Building Initiatives

Green Building Initiatives


7104 is designed to far exceed the BC Building Code. The many areas we have achieved this are listed below.


Walls;                    Code would be R22 Batt 2×6 walls. 7104 R42 Double walls with 6” of outsulation to reduce thermal bridging in the building envelope. An exterior vapour open liquid applied air/water barrier under the rain screened outsulation, R22 batt insulation in the stud walls, vapour barrier paint on the inside drywall. This wall make-up allows the inside of the wall to dry to the inside and the outside portion of the wall to dry to the out side.

Airtight;                No Code Requirement. Average new BC Home 4.5 Air Changes per Hour. 7104, 0.6 air changes per hour.

Ventilation;        Code with intermittent ventilation bathroom fans with no heat recovery. 7104 ERV with 85% heat recovery designed at 20CFM per bedroom and living room continuous. The ERV will be run on a continuous basis for a healthy home ventilation rate. An ERV is used instead of an HRV to prevent too low a humidity in the air during the winter months. A Higher than usual ventilation rate has been designed for a heathier home and to prevent drying the air too much through ventilation the ERV was selected.

Hot Water;          Code is an Electric tank or a mid efficient gas hot water. 7104 will use a high performance SunPump that will produce water at about a 500% efficiency for the power it consumes. This is made in BC with locally developed technology.

Heat;                     Code has many options with a minimum efficiency of about 80%. 7104 will use the sun for free and an air sourced heat pump at 250% efficiency for primary heat with small baseboard heaters with digital thermostats as backup heat for only the coldest days of the year. Anticipated savings of 85% on space heating above code performance.

Windows;            The windows will meet the Passive House standard of .8 U value. This is roughly 3 times better than code approved windows. Windows are the largest source of heat loss; well insulated windows can contribute significantly to the comfort of a home.

Lights;                   All lights will be energy saving LED bulbs. The windows are larger than most buildings to allow more natural light in the units. Exterior lighting and the parkade will be on motion sensors so that they do not run all day and night when not needed.

Materials;            All materials will be sourced first locally, then from BC, then from Canada. We have great building materials and technology in BC and Canada to build the best homes in the world. We need to take advantage of what we have at home.

Cooling;                No code requirement. 7104 will have an energy efficient air sourced heat pump AC unit supplying the ventilation air with cooling in the hot days of summer. There will be a flush mode where during the cooler nights the ventilation will supply cool air with no additional cooling or energy added.

Roof;                     7104 will use double the insulation of a code building. The roof will be a white TPO, (thermoplastic membrane) membrane to reflect heat in the cooling months to reduce the cooling required and not overheat the attic.

Garden;               7104 will have a community garden for those gardeners who want to grow some food or flowers.

Storm drainage;                7104 will employ a Bio Swale pond to infiltrate most of the storm water into the ground on the site. Only the major storm events will see water going to the storm system.

Foundation;       7104 will use ICF walls for an energy efficient wall system in the parkade.

Durability;           7104 will use durable finishes like stucco and metal siding and vinyl windows for the exterior finishes to reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep the building looking great. This will save energy in the future from not having to use resources for maintenance.

Solar;                     7104 will take advantage of the sun in 3 ways. The passive solar gains to heat the building, the SunPump solar water heating and the photovoltaic solar panels to generate renewable electricity on site.

Location;              7104’s location is one of it’s most sustainable features. By being within walking distance of many services including schools, coffee shops, grocery store, parks and trails. People living at 7104 will not be car dependent. Their overall energy footprint will be much less than anyone living away from the center of town.