7104 Re-zoning FAQ


Terms & Abbreviations:

WHAWhistler Housing Authority

RMOWResort Municipality of Whistler

BED UNIT – A bed unit is a measure of development intended to reflect servicing and facility requirements for one person.The bed unit measurement was introduced in Whistler’s first OCP adopted in 1976 as a means to manage the future growth of Whistler to be consistent with infrastructure capacity, highway capacity and ski lift capacity. Bed units have become a key reference point for the resort community’s understanding of and expectations for Whistler’s ultimate size and capacity.

OCPOfficial Community Plan

Mayor’s Taskforce on HousingLink

Taskforce Recommendation for private development of Resident Housing ProjectsLink

FAQ – Questions for the 7104 Project

  • Can you bring back the Boot pub?
    • We wish, but sadly the days of the boot are over.
  • How will a 4 story building effect the neighboring buildings views.
    • Our building will only effect 1 adjacent buildings view. The WHA zoned resident restricted property to the North East of us will be effected, in that we will partially restrict the view of the lower section of Sproat Mountain from them. As we are proposing to build Resident Restricted housing, we feel that having a minimal impact on another resident restricted housing projects view is not something that should prevent this project from going forward. The other market properties in the Fitzsimmons walk development will only have highway noise blocked. We are proposing to leave the mature 71’+ tall trees that border our two developments in place, and these are taller than both buildings and already block the view corridor our building occupies.
  • What is the reason for W.H.A. rental pricing and how can we ensure enforcement of pricing once permits are issued and the building is up.
    • Our pricing is attached to our rezoning package. As such, price caps per square foot will be attached to the permission to build the building. This has been the case for previous projects in Whistler. We expect to be working with the WHA, and once our pricing is set at the first round of rentals we are only legally allowed to increase it by the government mandated rate per year. This is a project that is aiming to provide a stable long term rental option for Whistler employees. Our goal is to keep long term tenants and not have people constantly leaving looking for better rates.
  • How does this project proposal meet Whistler 2020 goals.
    • This project meets with Whistler 2020 goals as explained HERE.
  • Do you have an energy target?
    • We are targeting under $70 per year for space heating for a unit. We have partnered with the BCIT Building Science Engineering department to design a truly energy efficient and sustainable building. Part of the material on our web site details how we are going to accomplish this. Our Radius building in Pemberton is now complete and all the energy efficiency measures installed there are so far performing above expectations. We will be improving upon what we did there in this building.
  • When can I move in?
    • We have multiple approval processes to go through before this project becomes a reality. If this project was expedited by the RMOW we could have started as early as spring 2018. However, the RMOW elected to extend the approval process and revise the guidelines instead of considering the projects that were presented. Given the new guidelines and average approval times we would most likely be starting in spring 2020 with an 18 month construction time. Renting for some time in 2022.
  • Is there any chance that employers will be able to secure the rooms for their staff if they guarantee rent?
    • This is not something we are considering at this time.
  • What about parking?
    • Parking will be assigned to each unit based on what the renter elects. Parking options are enclosed garages, undercover parking, and surface parking. The number of parking stalls conforms to existing RMOW parking requirements.
  • How close is the building to Transit?
    • There is a bus stop 30 seconds from the front door. If you are trying to reach the ski hill, there is a bus stop with a free buss to the lifts located a 5 min walk from the front door.
  • Are you applying for additional “Bed Units” in order to build this project.
    • This project does require an up zoning of the attached bed units just like every other employee restricted project. Our project however, matches current WHA pricing and exceeds the energy efficiency and environmental performance of all other WHA projects. You can also see our response to every required guideline proposed by the RMOW for private sector employee housing here. The guidelines we are meeting for private sector employee housing were introduced with the goal of getting 500 more units into the market place. You cannot get these requested units without upzoning more bed units into existing properties. It is also important to note that upzoning for “Resident Restricted Employee Housing” is exempt from the town’s bed unit cap as per the Official Community Plan.
  • Is the building just rentals or are units available for purchase too?
    • These will be rental only. The goal of 7104 is to provide a sustainable long term solution for renters.
  • On the build costs to become net zero.
    • Building a certified “Net Zero” project has more expenses than your average building. Getting the “Net Zero” certification within their program has extra expenses just for the certification. We developed our own system that delivers practically the same energy performance at a faction of the costs. We partnered up with BCIT graduate students and developed a new wall assembly system which uses locally available products and practices but assembled in a novel manner. This allows us to build with local materials, knowledge, and resources without importing fancypants screws etc from Germany…. that said, our windows are imported from Poland as nothing in Canada meets our energy performance standards. I could go on for a long time about this, but suffice it to say that we have been working on improving the energy performance of our buildings for decades and we have gotten pretty good at it.

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