Neighborhood Impact FAQ

Questions about how this project will impact the neighboring buildings:

Q: Is the proposed project higher than the adjacent buildings?

A: No our building will have a roof height of 12.8m and the Fitszimons Walk buildings beside us have an average roof height to the mid point of the roof (not the highest point of the roof) of 14m. When compared side by side our building comes up the the eave line of the building beside us. 

Perspective view of closest building in Fitzsimons Walk when placed in front of 7104 for comparison
7104 Roof Height

Q: Will I be able to see the proposed building from my Fitzsimmons Walk Unit?

A: The existing trees we are planning to leave in place will screen almost the entire building from the rear of the Fitzsimmons Walk Buildings.

View from street of existing trees and proposed landscaping
View from Fitzsimmons Walk Property facing proposed building

Q: What are the proposed setbacks for the 7104 Project, and how do they relate to Fitzsimmons Walk?

A: The proposed setbacks are almost double the setbacks of Fitszimons Walk which are 4.5m whereas 7104 has proposed a 7.6m setback from our mutual property lines 

Q: Will the neighborhood traffic increase because of this development?

A: The site has been used as a parking lot for 60 years. First for the Boot Pub then Nesters employee parking. There was a lot more traffic when the Boot Pub was operating and many of those drivers back then were not operating their cars to the best of their abilities when leaving the pub. The building is designed to cater to people without cars so the traffic will be about the same as today. Being at the entrance to the neighborhood none of the traffic will go through the neighborhood to access the building.

Q: Will the building be the same quality as the neighboring building ?

A: No, it will be far better. We will be building the building to the highest sustainable standard with good looking durable materials. Our goal is simply to be the best performing building in BC for energy conservation and sustainable building practices in a good looking building.

Q: Will the proposed building fit into the neighborhood?

Fitzsimmons Walk Neighborhood Perspective (7104 is top left

A: Yes, the building is about the same size and a lower overall height than the neighboring buildings. We are also retaining as many of the original mature trees as possible. We are also planting additional of new trees along the highway; an area that has been barren for 40+ years.

Q: What will the building look like from Highway 99?

A: The building will be well screened from Highway 99. We plan to restore the tree buffer that was removed for the Boot Pub access road more than 60 years ago. This area has had no vegetation since then. The tree buffer and screening in time will look the same as the tree buffer just to the North that was never removed. See images below:

View from intersection
View from Nesters side of highway
Elevated View from Nesters Road

Q: What about the noise level the building may produce?

A: Yes the same principles that make the building energy efficient also make it soundproof. This works well for our residents to mitigate the sound from Highway 99 and prevents sound from getting out of the units. Our building will also block a significant portion of the highway noise currently reaching the Fitzsimmons walk buildings. We have also designed our units to account for the noise generated from our neighbors who have nightly rental units. Planning our building to mitigate the noise generated by our neighbors and highway 99 will lead to better neighbor relations and happier long term tenants.