About Us

Radius Pemberton
Radius Pemberton – 2020 Georgie Award Finalist for “Best Environmental Initiative”

Vidorra is the Spanish word for “Good Life”. The focus of our company is to create places where the good life is possible. We are dedicated to providing the very best rental accommodations possible.

We accomplish this by designing and constructing the very best buildings possible. We build above and beyond the standards of the day. Instead, we are designing to a standard we expect to see in the North American construction world around 2030.

Our buildings are not just energy efficient, but they are also comfortable to live in. We decided that the energy performance of a building is not the only thing that makes it sustainable. A building must also be comfortable to live in, have efficient heating and cooling systems to deliver this comfort, and additional amenities that make the building feel like home to our tenants.

We care about our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Visit our parent page, Innovation Building Group, or our Facebook Page, @Innovation.Building, to get in touch with us.